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Best Practices Competition

 in sustainable development area of Central Asia

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The  ILN/ CARNet “Best Practices Competition in the Area of Sustainable Development” has identified  two nominations:


- Main nomination (identified by organizers of the competition);

- Special nomination (identified by the UNDP Country Offices and other organizations).


All entries submitted to the competition from each participating country, without limit in number, will be accepted under the Main Nomination.  The submitted   entries will be evaluated by the Regional Evaluation Committee (REC) on “Main Evaluation Criteria” .


Entries from one or more countries meeting the “Main Evaluation Criteria” and  other criteria set by an initiating organization will be accepted under Special Nominations.



Main nomination.


Three practical cases from each country best meeting the Main Evaluation Criteria will be awarded status of the Best Practice and cash prizes:


1st  prize – 300 USD

2nd prize – 200 USD


Total number of cash prizes  - 15.


Special nomination.


Nomination of  PC under ICSD: “Best Practices in Cross-Cutting Interaction to Address Sustainable Development Problems”.

Public Council under the Interstate Commission on Sustainable Development (PC ICSD), with the support of UNEP, has initiated special nomination “Best Practices in Cross-Cutting Interaction to Address Sustainable Development Problems”. Under this nomination one practical case will be selected    from each Central Asian country, which will be awarded  status of the Best Practice and a cash prize. The size of a cash prize will be determined by the PC ICSD.


In addition UNDP Country offices and other organizations from participating countries can suggest other special nominations. Information on special nominations will be constantly updated.

To offer  a special nomination one should contact Regional Coordinator of the competition or National Coordinators of CARNet Network.

The Steering Committee of the competition reserves the right to introduce changes in the list of nominations in the evaluation process of entries.


   To submit an entry (in electronic form) and receive additional information and consultations (in the mentioned period), please, contact Vladimir Grebnev, Regional Coordinator of the Best Practice Competition:


Kyrgyzstan: UNDP Programme “Environment for Sustainable Development”, Bishkek, 96 B Kievskaya Str., right wing, 4th floor, tel: (996 312) 623761, e-mail:


Or National Coordinators of CARNet Network:


Kazakhstan: UNDP Kazakhstan, Aliya Tonkobayeva, Almaty, 67 Tole bi Str., tel: (7-327) 2582643,



Tajikistan: PO “Youth 21”, Umed Ulugov, Dushanbe, 1/1 Chekhova Str., apt. 15, ňĺl: (992 918) 613427, E-mail:

Turkmenistan: CARNet Network, Svetlana Gamolya, Ashgabat, 15 Bitarap Turkmenistan, room 42, Institute of Deserts, tel: (993 12) 39 01 06, E-mail:


Uzbekistan: NNO «Hayot», Alexey Kobzev, Tashkent, 52 Bogi Baland Str., tel: (998-712) 546170,


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