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Best Practices Competition

 in sustainable development area of Central Asia

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Terms of participation


 The Best Practices Competition is open to all examples of projects and initiatives that have been implemented in sustainable development area by state, non-governmental or international organizations, local communities or private institutions in the territory of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


For participation in the competition  an application form  for status of the Best Practice should be filled out which can be:

·         Downloaded from the Internet on the link: Application Form;

·         Received by e-mail upon sending  request to, or to National Coordinators of CARNet Network on the  addresses below.


The entries submitted to  competition may present any effective activity in the area of sustainable development, which proposes new approach to solution of sustainable development  problems and is reproducible in different environments and regions.  


See the samples of filled out applications in section Samples  


The Best Practices Competition is open for submissions from  15 December  2006  until  15 February  2007.

Entries should be submitted in an electronic form. 


In the period from  10 January till 10 February 2007., the Information Network ILN/CARNet will provide  consultation and technical support  for applicants  in  forming of  entries.  


To receive consultations, please apply to National Coordinators, on the addresses below or national experts of ILN/CARNet, the contact addresses of which will be published later.


Status of “Best Practice” is awarded by the Regional Evaluation Board (REB) made up of  15 people:


- 5 experts selected from each country on a competitive basis (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan);

- 5 representatives of the UNDP country offices nominated from among the experts and specialists responsible for sustainable development and implementation of MDG;

- 5 national coordinators of CARNet Information Network;


REB can, if needed, attract experts specializing in the area of the case considered.


Preference will be given to cases supporting achievement of one or more Millennium Development Goals (MDG). For additional information on MDG see the UNDP CO sites and this link:


Evaluation Criteria:


ü        Innovation and creative approach

What is special about this method from the point of implemented activity? How can it be interesting for other organizations and individuals wishing to start similar activity in the same area?

ü        Reproducibility

Can this method be used in other environments and other situations? This method is not necessarily be copied, only some of its elements can be used.

ü        Sustainability

Will this practice be sustainable in the middle or long term?

 ü        Cooperation and partnership

Who took part in implementing of this practice? Were there present all relevant decision making bodies including local or from the region of project implemented. 

ü        Relevancy

To what extent this practice is integrated in strategies and plans in this area at local, national and regional levels?

ü        Efficiency and impact

What evidences of positive impact are there? How this impact is measured: by official assessment program or other methods?

ü        Additional criteria  

Special quality or feature identified by members of Evaluation Committee  in the given case and specially recognized as the Best Practice.


Three applications from each country, which best meet the criteria of the competition, will be awarded status of the Best Practice  and cash prizes.  For more detailed information see the section “Nominations.


In addition, other special nominations have been initiated by the UNDP Country Offices and other organizations. Evaluation of special nominations will be carried out in compliance  with the main criteria of the competition taking into  account the  priorities proposed by initiators. Further information on special nominations is available in section “Nominations”.


Each entry can participate in no more than 2 nominations.


Awarding of winners will take place from 10 to 25 March 2007 at the UNDP country offices.


     Best Practices collected within the ILN/CARNet Best Practices Competition will  be published in Russian and Kyrgyz languages in special publication entitled “Best Practices in Sustainable Development of Central Asia”


 To submit an entry (in electronic form) and receive additional information and consultations (in the mentioned period), please, contact Vladimir Grebnev, Regional Coordinator of the Best Practice Competition:


Kyrgyzstan: UNDP Programme “Environment for Sustainable Development”, Bishkek, 96 B Kievskaya Str., right wing, 4th floor, tel: (996 312) 623761, e-mail:


Or National Coordinators of CARNet Network:


Kazakhstan: UNDP Kazakhstan, Aliya Tonkobayeva, Almaty, 67 Tole bi Str., tel: (7-327) 2582643,



Tajikistan: PO “Youth 21”, Umed Ulugov, Dushanbe, 1/1 Chekhova Str., apt. 15, ňĺl: (992 918) 613427, E-mail:

Turkmenistan: CARNet Network, Svetlana Gamolya, Ashgabat, 15 Bitarap Turkmenistan, room 42, Institute of Deserts, tel: (993 12) 39 01 06, E-mail:


Uzbekistan: NNO «Hayot», Alexey Kobzev, Tashkent, 52 Bogi Baland Str., tel: (998-712) 546170,


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