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One Programme Story

“ONE PROGRAMME STORY” is a new and unique project of CARNet Network.

Here we plan to tell about our long-standing partner – UNDP Environment Programme in Kyrgyzstan. This year it will be 5 years since we started fruitful cooperation with it and since the Programme was launched.

Here is the UNDP Environment Programme in Kyrgyzstan – people and projects


How can this project be interesting for readers of our portal?

First, we suppose this will be an electronic chronicle of environmental activities in Kyrgyzstan for the last 5 years.

Second, here one can find all projects , which were conceived, projected, launched and implemented under the UNDP Environment Office in Kyrgyzstan.

Third, and most important, we are going to tell here about people – best part of capacity we have been building throughout 5 years. And it is not only about the Programme and projects staff members but also partners, colleagues and friends of UNDP Environment Programme.

Here visitors of our portal can get answers about the Programme activity and ask each person in the Forum.

Welcome to “One Programme Story”!!!

Enjoy your reading and pleasant communication!



This Section presents "direct speach" and "live voices" of people directly connected with environment protection activities within UNDP in Kyrgyzstan. It will reflect their vision of the issues, their attitude to addressing environment problems, their opinion about difficulties and their concept of perspectives.

You can send your own questions to all respondents in separate Theme of the Forum.

Zharas Takenov: «…all our projects pursuing specific, purely environmental objectives are at the same time like a locomotive engine pulling the solution of tasks on improvement of socio-economic situation …»

It is not enough to say that Zharas Takenov, UNDP International Environment Officer stood from the very beginning of the UNDP Environment Programme in Kyrgyzstan . He was specially invited from Kazakhstan to raise UNDP Environment Office in Kyrgyzstan from scratches and make the environmental area fully operating in Kyrgyzstan building on the experience of his Kazakh colleagues. Therefore , the first interview we offer to our readers in “The Story of One Program” is with Zharas Takenov.

A full version of the interview here


Under the section “OUR PARTNERS” we will present opinions and comments by people who had an opportunity to work with the UNDP Environment Programme and projects

It should be noted at once that these are high professionals in their areas, demanded both at government institutions and other spheres. Therefore the UNDP Environment Programme takes pride in that they had an opportunity to work with these people side by side, which means they had made expert and human contribution in the result of the activity.

Another thing which makes this column special: it was very comfortable to talk with these people about their partnership with UNDP as these were always kind and informative comments. This series of interviews left a feeling of satisfaction and understanding: the work footprint is strong and positive.

A good work and a good result – is it not a cause for a good spirits?

So, meet “OUR PARTNERS” clik here :

To be continued ...
Last updated: 2010-09-07 18:05:38

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