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In terms of the abundance and diversity of endemic and other valuable plant species, Almaty City and Almaty Oblast is the leader among the other areas of Kazakhstan. As back as before the Revolution the urban greening events have been organized inside and outside Almaty. It was the VAHSNIL Academy evacuated to the region during Wold War II that played a major role in planting rare and valuable tree and bush species in Almaty.

The geographic layout of Almaty, its territory and transport expansion required intensive greening. The green belt serving as the city lungs contributed to air cleaning and improvement of health conditions of people living in Almaty City. Lilac, the deciduous plant whose growing age can exceed 150 years preserving its foliaceous cover and decontaminating the air, was of special significance.
The collapse of Soviet Union reasoned the degradation and shrinkage of the lilac sites. The lilac park planted after World War II near the main building of the former Agricultural Institute was completely destroyed. The other lilac sites along the roads have been lost due to the lack of moisture. The lilac species bred by Maryam Sagitova and Tadeusz Dzevitsky, the well-known local breeders, have also been exposed to extinction. They have practically been destroyed in all the sites established by the breeders. The construction companies building the cottages inside the city have sacrificed the famous mother lilac garden heedfully nourished by the breeders. The garden contained about 300 new forms and varieties of lilac that have been developed for more than 50 years.

Look at the lilac and see how tender and fragile it is. We can break it and trample it. But we can also save and raise it. Conserving the lilac we conserve the future physical and cultural health of the nation.
Social factors contributing to the shrinkage and extinction of rare lilac forms:

  • The growing demand for land parcels under development inside the city
  • Plunder of bushes, unauthorized plucking of flowers, branches and underbrush.
  • The lack of watering, protection and restoration activities.