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 - NEW!!! Increasing awareness of the most problematic environmental issues in CA

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 -  KYRGYZSTAN: Reclamation of uranium tailings can be implemented under the debt for environment swap initiative

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 -  OUR PARTNERS: the results of our cooperation
- ZHARAS TAKENOV: «…аll our environment projects like a locomotive engine for solution of socio-economic situation issues …»

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 - NEW!!! Markku Aaltonen: The whole problem comes down to the cost of PCB elimination


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Rambler's Top100

KAZAKHSTAN: UNAI trainers from Al Farabi KazNU Introduced the Concept of Green Economy to students
KAZAKHSTAN: Conference on New Paradigm of Sustainability was held in Almaty
KYRGYZSTAN: The government has suggested a bill to the Parliament that aims at releasing the specialized water supply organizations from allocations for development and maintenance of local infrastructure
KAZAKHSTAN: Al Farabi KazNU Hosted the III Asian Universities Conference
GLOBAL: Ban Ki-moon’s UN climate summit: starting to take shape?
KAZAKHSTAN: Al Farabi KazNU Hosted a First Photo Exhibition On Afghanistan and Education for Sustainable Development
KYRGYZSTAN: Snow leopards in Sarychat Eertash reserve
KAZAKHSTAN: Al Farabi KazNU Students to Contribute to Global Sustainable Development Discourse
KAZAKHSTAN: MDP/GCP students of Al Farabi KazNU won A Million Tenge Award at the First Almaty Investment Forum
UZBEKISTAN: Presentation of the European Initiative «Covenant of Mayors– East» in the Republic of Uzbekistan
UZBEKISTAN: Construction of solar station in Samarkand to cost Uzbekistan $ 207 mln
UZBEKISTAN: Poachers in Chatkal conservation area to stand trial
KAZAKHSTAN: CAR@WAN Contributed to the Integrated Water Resources Management in Drought Risk Management Workshop in Monterey (Mexico)
REGION: MoveGreen is seeking applications for the following position: Web designer
REGION: The EU project gathers CA experts in Ashgabat to discuss the perspectives of the Joint Ecological Information System in Central Asia
По дороге в Копенгаген: изменение климата и бедность в странах ЦА.
Урановые хвостохранилища: местные проблемы, региональные последствия, глобальные решения.

Prospects for the future. UN Secretary General Statement

Our efforts to defeat poverty and pursue sustainable development will be in vain if environmental degradation and natural resource depletion continue unabated...


The daily updated information on vacancies announced in region


The weekly updated information about tenders in region

Portal sites

Strenghthening of SPAs system for effective biodiversity conservation-Kazakhstan
Integrated Water Resources Management-Kazakhstan
National Capacity Self Assessment-Kazakhstan
Parliament Hearing on Specially Protected Areas-Kazakhstan
Lilac conservation in Kazakhstan
Государственное Агентство по охране окружающей среды и лесному хозяйству Кыргызской Республики
Рамочная конвенция ООН об изменении климата в Кыргызстане
"Мой Город Бишкек"
Institute of Water Problems and Hydropower of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic
Virtual exhibition of ecological caricature and paintings by E. Shukurov
Лесной сектор Кыргызстана
Веб-ресурс Узбекистана, посвященный проблеме Изменения Климата
Международный молодежный экологический форум


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